Payday Loans: A Good Alternative to Conventional Borrowing

It is a fact that unless you have a good credit rating, there is a possibility that you will have difficult time applying and being approved for a loan from conventional lending institutions such as banks. Today, if borrowing money from conventional lender proves to be near to impossible, there is an alternative solution to your money problem. A new type of loan system has been introduced in the market that will help borrowers secure loans without presenting credit rating scores and bundles of documentation to the conventional lender. Known to the financial realm as payday loan sg, this type of lender is able to lend money to those in financial need by simply getting proof of the borrower’s’ monthly income. We all know that one of the most conventional ways of getting cash is through a credit card. However, there are many that do not qualify to apply for such and this is especially true for most minimum wage earners. Payday loan is therefore a beneficial and convenient lending system to fixed income workers unqualified to apply in banks for loans or for a credit card.

Main Advantages of Payday Loans

Applying and getting approved for a payday loan is generally easy, flexible and fast. The loan application that you filed with your chosen payday lender usually takes less than a day to get approved and you get the cash in a matter of hours. Second, payday loans are short-term lending transaction. The maturity of the debt is usually due within a few weeks. The maturity usually fall on the date that you get your fixed monthly income. Short term loans are in some way quite beneficial because you are forced to budget your earnings so as to make sure that you will be able to pay the debt on time. You might think that a short period maturity date is disadvantageous but most reasonable payday lenders are aware that default from borrowers are highly possible so they place some kind of conditions on the loan term to assure that the borrowers will not have a difficult time paying back the debt.

Getting the Best Deal when Applying for a Personal Loan

For most individuals who require an immediate financial assistance, applying for the best personal loan singapore is one of the most common solutions to the problem. borrowing money through personal loan is ideal as long as you know how to plan, and analyze on how you can get the best deal when applying for this kind of a loan.


The first thing you need to do is find out exactly how much money you intend to borrow. Most lenders would offer you more money than what you are asking for. Make sure that you only get the amount that you need. Borrowing too much will burden you when paying the interest and this might worsen the situation that you are in now. Borrowing below what you need may also cause problems because you may end up with an amount that you may not be able to use. Second, find out whether you want a secured or unsecured loan. Secured loans will require you to put up an asset to secure the loan. If you have anything of value, applying for a secured loan may be more ideal. Secured loan incurs less interest and repayment terms are   more flexible. Next, make sure you have ready documents that may be required by the lender and this usually include employment and salary documentation, proof of other income if any, references, and work experiences. It would also be prudent to include in the file your credit score ratings. However, some personal loan providers are really not that strict when it comes to an applicant’s credit score but it would be to your advantage to include the same to your file of documents.


You are now ready to search and find the right lender for you. In your search, find at least three good and reasonable lenders that you think may give you a good deal. Apply to all three and if approved you have three lenders to choose from. From these three you will be able to select the one that can give you the best deal in town.

The Immediate Need for Cash

One important thing our daily lives is to make sure that we have a very efficient and effective method in managing our income and expenses. But in today’s economic situation, this is easier said than done. Many of us who are merely wage earners or have a surviving business have experienced running out of money even before the end of the month arrives. For those who have experienced this type of financial situation (and of course if the fund requirement does not involve a sizable amount of money) here is something that you can do to remedy the financial mess you’re in.


Analyze and Study the Situation


BORROWING money immediately or impulsively may give you more financial problem, so the best first move is to study and analyze the financial situation that you are in. Make sure that you have analyze why and where your budget or financial management went wrong and see if you can find a way to remedy the situation without borrowing money. Check, your budget and see if there are expenses which you can cut to cover your fund requirement.


Credit Card is Your First Option


If you find out that there is no way you can reconstruct your budget, then your credit card is your first best option. Make sure that the credit card you use is one with the least interest and penalty rate. Also try to plan to pay the loan back on the shortest possible time so as to control the outstanding balance of your credit card debt. If you cannot immediately pay, convert and amortize the credit card loan that you have availed. Make the amortization term as short as possible so as not to incur high financial charges that might be levied on the loan amount. Another good option is to avail of an instant cash loan. However, make sure that you know, the interest type (variable or fixed) and interest rate that the loan carries; second, find out what the payment terms are and more importantly, ask about the penalties, charges and fees (if any) that may be levied on the loan amount.

Payday Lenders & Other Alternative Lending Institutions

It is a given that in today’s economic situation, most of us is faced with some form of financial crisis and the only recourse is BORROWING money from any financial institutions. Financial distress, forces us to try and borrow money and the lending institution we normally approach are the banking sectors.  This is a common practice but if you are turned away by banks, what do you do? In the event that your loan application are rejected by banks, there are alternative lending institutions that you can apply with and one of the most common lending institutions that you can turn to are those that offer payday loan. Referred to as payday lenders these licensed money lender singapore do not usually rely on the credit standing of an individual and would easily approve a loan as long as the borrower has a fixed monthly income, preferably a salary that he gets from working or one who has an ongoing steady business income. However, most of these payday lenders can only accommodate small loans and if the amount that you may need will fall on the payday lender’s limit then you are good to go. If not, you can still avail of the loan and perhaps find other ways to get the deficit. The loan term for most payday lenders are short and would only last for about a few weeks. Most of the time the maturity, would always fall on the day of the borrower’s salary. I suppose the reason for this is the security for the lenders that the loan would be paid on time.


If the payday loan is not enough for your need, another option is to avail of an equity or guarantor loans. In equity loan, you will need to secure the loan with any asset that you own such as a house, lot, car or anything else that is of the same value or more as the amount that you are borrowing. Guarantor loan on the other hand would require you to have somebody with a good credit background to co-sign your loan.

What You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Loan

Borrowing money is no laughing matter. However, the need to borrow has somewhat become a necessity today. Since this is the case today, there is really a need for individuals who plans to take out a personal loan or any other loan, to fully comprehend things that are related to borrowing money. The main advantage of borrowing money is that you can easily get it right away especially if you have a high credit rating. However, no matter how good your credit is, it is always prudent to understand the risk involved in filing for a loan.


Risks to Consider


The most important thing to consider before going to a licensed money lender singapore is to carefully assess whether you can afford to repay the loan. If your current income is enough for your day to day expenses, then it is best that you refrain from borrowing. However if there is an urgent need for cash, assess your income and find out where you can cut down and use that to repay back the debt. Managing your income should be your focal point because this will help you cover the repayment schemes required by the lender. Second, make sure you have selected the best lender in the market. Getting the best deal out a loan agreement is the best way to insure that you will not have a hard time repaying the debt. Make sure that the interest rate are very competitive and that the repayment scheme can be easily managed. Select several lenders, compare their offers and select one that would be suited for your needs. Finally, make sure you understand that borrowing money may put you in a position where you find yourself in a financial crisis. Remember that when you borrow money, you will pay more from what you have borrowed. This is especially true if the loan is secured by any of your asset. In the event that you are not able to pay the loan, you may end up forfeiting your asset and end up losing more than what you bargained for.